VAST is a weekly live streamed sci-fi role playing game show.


Mondays at 7:00 PM (PST) on Alpha
From Geek & Sundry
Created by Jackson Lanzing

Watch - S1 E04: "The Corsairs"
Watch - S2 E05: "Sojourner" *

* requires Alpha subscription

Rick is a member of the writers' room of VAST, a live streamed Role Playing Game show hosted and created by acclaimed writer Jackson Lanzing (Batman & Robin Eternal, Joyride). The show tells the story of two very different civilizations, both confronting an intergalactic threat known as The Slate. Each week the show focuses on one of two factions: the peaceful Pac-Ha Peacekeep and the brutal Brightest Eye. They work individually and together to try and save the universe.

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