Every Night

Every Night is a three-episode dramatic science fiction web series from Misfit Toys.


A Misfit Toys Production
Directed by Jackson Lanzing
Written by Rick Baer

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When you're alone and the world is out of your control, how do you deal? In the unsettling dramatic sci-fi series Every Night, lonely soul Alec (Jon Cahill - Youthful Daze) experiences a traumatic event over and over again: every night he is spirited away from his home and awakens the next day somewhere else. He has adapted these bizarre occurrences into his routine, but at the cost of having any semblance of a normal life. When he meets Elise (Megan Rosati - 52 Ways to Break UpBall or Nothing), a woman with demons of her own, he begins to forget his situation. But his carelessness draws her into his world…